Nexla Partners with Google Cloud for AlloyDB Launch

Nexla is excited to be a Day 1 launch partner for Google’s new AlloyDB for PostgreSQL. AlloyDB is a new open-source database engine built on PostgreSQL for top-tier relational database workloads, for better performance and analytics while being fully compatible with the popular open-source PostgreSQL. Read all about it on the blog and check out the AlloyDB connector in Nexla now.

New Connectors: Greenhouse, CircleCI, Gainsight CS, and Outreach

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Four new connectors are now available to Nexla users! Check them out in Nexla now. 


Interested in a connector? Let us know - We auto-generate connectors and typically add connector templates within 24 hours.


Greenhouse: Recruiting tracking and management platform.

CircleCI: A CI/CD platform to manage and update code.

Gainsight CS: Customer success platform with metrics and tracking to improve outcomes.

Outreach: Sales engagement and automation to reduce pipeline friction.

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