Real-time Flow and Nexset Stats

Enhanced statistics and metrics are now available on all flows and Nexsets, enabling up-to-the-minute tracking of records processed, errors, and more. Check any flow for records numbers and errors at a glance.

Click the magnifying glass on any Nexset for a more granular view of Records, Volume, and Errors over time.

Datasets are now called Nexsets

Datasets are now called Nexsets in the Nexla UI. Over past few months, Nexla's Datasets have become very powerful in a way that goes far beyond the notion of basic Datasets. This meant the time had come to flip the switch on their name in the UI. In Nexsets, features like documentation, annotations, schema, error management, and validations are now just click of a button away. We have preserved all the underlying functionality that you have come to love. 

9 New Connectors Added in Nexla

We have now added 9 new connectors in Nexla! 

This makes it easy to send and receive data from even more places:

  • Oracle NetSuite Rest API
  • Google Ads
  • Google Search Ads 360
  • YouTube
  • Linkedin Marketing
  • Facebook Pages
  • Instagram
  • SplashThat
  • Clever