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Join us to learn about Nexla and how we make it easy for data teams to work with data. In the demo you will get a close view of the Nexla platform. As an example, we will show you how easy it is to send data to Snowflake from an FTP data source. In the end, we will answer questions from our audience.

Live webinars are held every other week on Wednesday mornings, US/Pacific.

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Real-time Flow and Nexset Stats

Enhanced statistics and metrics are now available on all flows and Nexsets, enabling up-to-the-minute tracking of records processed, errors, and more. Check any flow for records numbers and errors at a glance.

Click the magnifying glass on any Nexset for a more granular view of Records, Volume, and Errors over time.

Datasets are now called Nexsets

Datasets are now called Nexsets in the Nexla UI. Over past few months, Nexla's Datasets have become very powerful in a way that goes far beyond the notion of basic Datasets. This meant the time had come to flip the switch on their name in the UI. In Nexsets, features like documentation, annotations, schema, error management, and validations are now just click of a button away. We have preserved all the underlying functionality that you have come to love. 

Feature Spotlight: Database as a Service

Learn about how Nexla can make building an API from any database or real-time data easy, powerful, and efficient. In just a few minutes, we'll walk through setting up a data API from a SQL database that can then be shared with customers, partners, or colleagues.

Interested in a demo? Head to and click Get Demo.

Feature Spotlight: No-Code, Bidirectional Connectors

Learn about Nexla’s universal, bidirectional connectors to anywhere you might need them, and watch how easy it is to set them up in seconds with no code. Provision data from any system including FTP, S3, databases, warehouses, lakes, REST/SOAP APIs, emails, webhooks, streams, events, and more in any format (text, JSON, parquet, etc.) 

Nexla’s Connectors:  

Interested in a demo? Head to and click Get Demo.

Feature Spotlight: Nexla Command Line Interface

Learn about Nexla’s powerful Command Line Interface for developers that integrates everything Nexla has to offer right into your favorite terminal. In this video, we’ll give an overview of the CLI, then migrate a flow from Dev to Production using the CLI. 

Download the Nexla CLI:  

Interested in a demo? Head to and click Get Demo.

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