Introducing Nexla’s New UI: Easy and Efficient Data Operations for Everyone

We’ve rolled out a re-designed experience to make Nexla more intuitive than ever before. We’ve heard your feedback, and now we’re delivering.

The new version of the interface is now available as a live preview! It can be dismissed at any time during the trial period. We expect the trial period to end with a general rollout in October, at which time the old version will no longer be available.

📢 What's changed?
Using our platform is now more intuitive, more efficient, and more powerful for all our users and for all aspects of data operations - that was our goal when we started designing this new interface. We hope you like this new framework, as it will be the building block for changes in the coming months!
  • Efficiency & Ease of Use – With this new layout you can quickly locate and access all information and features you need for any workflow. Left-hand navigation has been upgraded to focus on what you need most: to build, discover, collaborate, govern, and monitor your data flows and data products.
  • Streamlined Monitoring Processes – All of Nexla’s data flow monitoring information and functions can now be accessed from the Monitor section. Users can conduct any governance or troubleshooting task directly within the screens available in the Monitor section.
To learn more about Nexla's new UI and how to enable it, check out the video below!

📫 Where to send feedback?
We’d love to hear your feedback on this re-designed experience! Please click here to share your thoughts with our customer success team.