New Features: Data Flow Types & Self-Signup

Nexla's newest update brings enhanced data flow creation features, along with a streamlined self-signup process for new users.

💡 Data Flow Types
Now, when creating a new data flow, users can select from several pre-built flow-type templates, including FlexFlow, Replication, Spark ETL, and DB-CDC, all listed in the flow type selection screen. 

  • FlexFlow: All-in-one flow type that facilitates seamless data movement & supports multiple destinations, data transformations, and both streaming and real-time data flows
  • Replication: Designed for rapidly moving unmodified files between storage systems when both speed and file structure retention are critical
  • Spark ETL: Customized for transferring and modifying big-data workloads stored in cloud databases or Databricks
  • DB-CDC: Uses change data capture (CDC) to replicate tables across databases and/or cloud warehouses

For more information about Nexla's data flow types, watch the video below:

🔹 Self-Signup
With the new self-signup process, anyone can easily sign up for a Nexla trial to experience how the powerful Nexla platform can enhance your data workflow!

To sign up for a trial account, simply click the Sign Up button at the bottom of the login screen, and enter your information.