Nexla's Powerful New Resource Search Interface

With Nexla's new powerful and flexible API-powered search interface, customers can quickly and easily locate any resources or data of interest, no matter how many resources are in the user's account.

The search interface is available in screens in the Integrate and Discover sections.

In the search interface, users can apply filters using keywords and assigned values to rapidly identify individual resources or groups of resources. Queries can include keywords corresponding to resource parameters including the name, description, connector type, current activity status, tags, and many more.

📢 Highlights:

  • Queries of Any Complexity – Combine keywords to create resource queries as targeted or broad as needed for any use case.
  • Paginated Results – Resource lists are now paginated for faster loading and efficient navigation.
  • Bookmark & Share Queries – When a query is performed, the URL is updated to include all applied filters. Bookmark this URL to quickly access the query again later without re-entering the search terms, or share the URL with other users.
  • Nexsets by Attributes – Use the attr_name keyword in the Nexsets and Discover screens to locate all Nexsets containing a particular attribute.

To learn more about the functions and features of Nexla's new resource search interface and how to use it, watch the video below and check out the Resource Search Interface User Guide.