Nexla + Airflow: Trigger Flows in Sequence, Automate using Operators

nexla + airflow

This month we are spotlighting Nexla's new Airflow Operator, enabling automatic data operations using Airflow.


What is Airflow?

Apache Airflow is an open-source tool to programmatically author, schedule, and monitor workflows. It is one of the most robust platforms used by Data Engineers for orchestrating workflows or pipelines.


How does Nexla work with Airflow?

You can now connect to your Nexla API using Nexla's new Airflow Operator and give it a destination ID from a Nexla flow. When that flow finishes running, the Operator will trigger other Operators to run tasks automatically across your data stack.


How can I try it out?

Reach out to your Nexla account manager for more information.

Real-time Flow and Nexset Stats

Enhanced statistics and metrics are now available on all flows and Nexsets, enabling up-to-the-minute tracking of records processed, errors, and more. Check any flow for records numbers and errors at a glance.

Click the magnifying glass on any Nexset for a more granular view of Records, Volume, and Errors over time.

Enhanced Email Connector

Nexla's Email source connector can now ingest emails in real-time from Gmail, making emails a first-class data source for your business processes. Leveraging our new Google Pub/Sub integration we are now able to treat incoming emails as streaming/real-time data. Check out the connector in Nexla.

Google Pub/Sub Connector

Our new Google Pub/Sub connector enables building data flows for any streaming or event-driven system easily at scale. Google Pub/Sub now becomes both a source and a destination for Nexla flows, similar to our integration with Kafka. Learn more about Google Pub/Sub

Speed up your Data Flows by 2X, 4X, 8X

Need faster data flows? Now you can make your individual data flows 2X, 4X, and 8X faster at the click of a button if you are on an enterprise plan. Contact your Nexla contact to discuss enterprise plan pricing to enable throughput scaling.

Improve Data Flow organization with Projects!

Now you can add any data flow in Nexla to a "Project" to improve organization of your data flows. You can share projects with all included data flows with others. We have also added ability to clone Data Flows to quickly create new Data Flows. Click on the three dots and explore this latest feature! 

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