Nexla CLI v3.1.2 is Live!

Nexla's CLI (Command Line Interface) for developers got a major overhaul with new features, capabilities, and quality of life fixes. Check it out on the Nexla Developer Center.


What is a CLI?

Nexla's CLI is a powerful tool for developers to work with Nexla data and flows, available as a Python library, in the terminal of your choice. For super-users or those that need to create their own batch automations, the CLI makes it easy. 

Google BigQuery Streaming Upgrade

Google BigQuery's batch loading limit is 150,000 records a day. However, one of our customers - a top national retail brand (see below) - started to surpass that.


Using Nexla's flexible template connectors, we were able to create a streaming connector to Google BigQuery with an uncapped limit, pushing records in real time!

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